Wealth Management

Wealth Management

We have the expertise to advise on a wide range of wealth management options, ensuring you benefit from the product and portfolio best suited to your needs.

Pension Planning
With today’s mobile workforce, it is not uncommon to accumulate several pensions over your working life. Well over half of all pensions that we are asked to have a look at have been invested in the same fund for years and years, with no review of performance, with charges higher than those under more modern pension contracts, and with no discernible additional benefits.

Retirement provision
We offer clear advice on the many options available, ranging from conventional annuities to enhanced annuities for those with medical conditions or lifestyle choices that could reduce life expectancy (such as smokers or those who take medication); and income drawdown for those who want to keep their money invested, but enjoy a flexible income whilst maximising death benefits.

Investing for Income or Growth
There are a wide range of investment vehicles varying in different types of funds, with different levels of risk all of which have their own taxation rules. Whether investing for income, capital growth or for a specific reason such as education planning or estate planning, correct advice is vital.

Portfolio construction
Successful wealth management involves both its creation and preservation. For this reason, we follow a four stage process when creating and managing your investment portfolio, ensuring we select the products and portfolios that are right for you, and through their correct use, significantly mitigate tax.

This comprises the following stages:

1. Gather personal data and assess your requirements
2. Identify key needs and gaps
3. Design, recommend and implement a plan
4. Regularly review the plan to ensure its continued appropriateness

We have access to several excellent portfolio management systems, enabling us to create and review your investment portfolio and have also researched and created our own investment process, for total accuracy and efficiency.