Wealth Management

Financial Planning

By getting to know and understand your circumstances and objectives, our experts can help with your financial needs throughout life.

Our needs and objectives change as the years go by – from the start of our adult lives, to raising a family or developing a career, through to reaching retirement and later still possible care needs. We can help you plan for your future, and we tailor our advice services to suit each client.

Pension Planning
With today’s mobile workforce, it is not uncommon to accumulate several pensions over your working life.

Well over half of all pensions that we are asked to look at have been invested in the same fund for years and years, with no performance review, with charges higher than those under more modern pension contracts, and with no discernible additional benefits.

Our Financial Review Service involves an analysis of each of your pension and investment contracts in turn and recommends changes where appropriate. Just as importantly, we offer a regular review of your plans to ensure they remain appropriate.

Retirement provision
For most of us, retirement will last for many years as life expectancy increase. So we need to make sure that our money lasts us throughout. Early retirement is probably when we spend the most, and if you wish to retire before state pension age, then you will be reliant on your own pension provision or other assets in these early years. State pensions will supplement an income but it won’t be enough for a comfortable retirement on its own. In later retirement we typically spend less, but we may then start to face care costs.

Clear advice on the many options available, ranging from conventional annuities to enhanced annuities for those with medical conditions or lifestyle choices that could reduce life expectancy (such as smokers or those who take medication); and income drawdown for those who want to keep their money invested, but enjoy a flexible income whilst maximising death benefits.

Cashflow forecasting will help to check whether your plans will be able to sustain the level of income that you expect to need, and help identify the level of risk that you should take to achieve this income. Ensuring this risk is compatible with your willingness to take risk and your ability to absorb losses is complex and our Advisers will advise you and regularly review your plans to make sure you keep on track.