Corporate Services

Business Owners

ECS work with business owners to ensure correct planning for a balance between both immediate and future needs.

Protecting Shareholder Value
A key aim of any business is to preserve and protect its value, and we can advise on the products and plans best suited for you, sourcing the optimum solution and minimising tax liability where appropriate. For business owners, we can advise on key person protection, enabling you to recruit and train a suitable replacement should you lose a key member of staff; and share protection and partnership assurance, to protect your business in the event of a shareholder’s death or serious illness.

Directors and Business Owners Pensions
As a business owner, your business and your personal financial planning are probably closely interwoven. Sacrificing salary or dividends in exchange for company paid pension contributions is one of the most tax efficient ways of taking value from your business – saving corporation tax, income tax and National Insurance .

Maximising pension is therefore sensible but you also need to look ahead towards retirement and be aware of both annual and lifetime allowances. Nearing retirement, you will want to consider exit strategies from business, and to look at producing a sustainable income throughout retirement, from all wealth sources, not just pensions. Cashflow planning and reviewing will help keep this on track. Estate planning will help to ensure as much as possible is passed on to younger generations rather than giving more than necessary to the taxman.